Thursday, January 7, 2010

NC Snow

Allan and Wicked Wanda try to pull Emma in the snow
Our little snow bunny
We're covered in snow!

The kids' last day of school before Christmas was December 19th. That night we had several inches of snow. The actual amount is debatable, but I can say that the grass was more than covered. We woke up on Saturday morning to a winter wonderland! It was absolutely gorgeous and it was perfectly timed to get us in the Christmas spirit. The kids actually ate breakfast before begging for their snow gear. I had to scramble on that one! We haven't purchased winter coats or gear since we lived in Indiana! Lucky for Jack, we had a bibs, jacket, mittens and boots from when Will was 3. Emma got boots from a neighbor, bibs that Will outgrew and one of her old coats that wasn't super warm, but worked well enough. Will had me to thank. He wore an old pair of my bibs, a pair of my boots from Indiana-times, and a coat handed down by his cousin, Matthew. All in all, we managed pretty well!
The kids flew outside and marveled at the unfamiliar white stuff. Allan and I were close behind with grand plans of snow ball fights and a snow man. Unfortunately, we had some freezing rain after the snow, so it was difficult to make balls. The kids tried sledding down the road, jumping on the trampoline full of snow, made tracks everywhere, and threw ice chunks at each other. Allan got Wanda out and tried using her to pull the kids on their sleds, but the tires had no traction. Emma had a good time trying this though! We then decided to make a snowman, which turned out pretty good. The girls named "her" Arnetta and the boys named "him" Arnold. Everyone is full aware of gender in this household!
We ended the day with hot chocolate and working in the basement.

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Mom Z said...

You all just look like you are meant to be playing in the snow!! Why would you want to deprive your children of this wonderful family activity on a regular basis? Come back to snowy Ohio!!!