Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Preparing for the Winter

Date: August 25, 2007

Since the dog-gone deer ate all of our tomatoes (among other things), we decided to head over to the Triad's Farmer's Market to see what we could find. Evidently, we hit it just right. The farmers were putting out the last of their tomatoes and corn, so we loaded up. Just to be clear, there will continue to be corn and tomatoes available, but not in the large quantity that we wanted. I bought 5 dozen ears of corn and two crates of tomatoes, along with about 12 bell peppers, jalapenos and a big bag of onions!
After getting home, we set the whole family into motion and husked all of the corn. Allan helped cut it off the cob and then we cooked it all to be put in the freezer. We used Allan's mom's recipe and it turned out great! We ended up with 18 quart bags of delicious home-grown corn. YUM!

The next day, I went to work on the gazillion tomatoes. We had run out of homemade spaghetti sauce and were in dire need of some more. I used my Grandma's recipe and added a special zing, which turned out to not be a zing at all because the peppers I used weren't even hot. Big bummer. Nonetheless, we had a ginormous pot of spaghetti sauce cooking on the stove until 9pm on a Sunday night with the next morning being the first day of school for Will. In hindsight, that was really stupid timing, but it was then or never. The sauce turned out OK, but definitely needs my doctoring before putting it on the pasta. I made it the other night and put lots of my special ingredients in it and everyone LOVED it. All is well and we ended up with 14 quart jars and 14 pint jars. Good thing spaghetti is the kids' favorite meal! Guess what we'll be serving all of our guests for the next year?!

I am happy at this point. The sauce is looking good!

Now, I have had enough. I want the sauce to be done and in the jars!

Showing off his ear!
Emma does not want her picture taken - that is a first!Will is all business.
Counting up our ears.