Friday, September 7, 2007

Beach Fun

Sure, this is late being posted and I considering just skipping over everything that happened in the last month and taking care of current news, but I just couldn't! We had such an incredible time at the Outer banks that I HAD to share some of the photos. We had a ton of laughs (see the hair-dying pictures), some excitement (see the hang gliding), lots of fun in the sun, some shopping, some game playing (Tim and I rule at Horse thief!) and of course, LOTS of good food. Without a doubt, we all gained some extra pounds during that week!

Allan's highlight was probably deep sea fishing. I didn't review this with him before publishing, but it is my guess. He went out with Uncle Steve, Tim and Eric. They brought back a big bag of cleaned (thank goodness!) blue fish, which weren't even blue. Go figure! Nonetheless, they tasted incredible! Someone shared a tip with them to soak them in buttermilk for a good while before cooking them. It must have done the trick, because they were some of the most mild fish I have ever tasted. We had them with boiled shrimp and grilled scallops. Does it get any better than that?!
My highlight was hang gliding. I opted for the tandem flight. I did this to avoid 3 hours of lessons and because I got to go higher. We were actually taken up by an airplane and then I squeezed the release bar! Wahoo! What a rush! I felt just like I do when I fly in my dreams. We all have those, right? Where you are flying like a bird everywhere.

Will and Emma's highlight was the swimming pool at our house. While I believe they enjoyed the beach, they clearly LOVED the pool. Now that they are both swimmers, it was so much more fun. And of course, they had someone's attention at all times.

Jack was a real trooper and I am not sure what his highlight was. He wasn't too sure about the beach with all of those gigantic waves coming at him and knocking him down. He did enjoy the pool table and hanging out with Eric. He also entertained everyone with his knowledge of the alphabet and made popular the phrase "what does the E say?"
It was just a great vacation with great family! We're ready to go again!

There are TONS of awesome pictures from the week, but to avoid overloading the blog, here are a few of my favorites......
Here I am ready for my first flight!

Eric, Brittany, Danielle and I were the only ones brave enough to try hang gliding.

This is the whole group at the beach our first day.

Jack hams it up for the camera

The color of the week was ORANGE (our family favorite!).

We had breakfast at Bob's Grill (check out the full name on the sign).
While I would love to publish some of the pictures taken during the process, I thought I would be nice and simply post the end results. Believe it or not, this picture just doesn't capture the true color of red that Nana's, I mean Bozo's, hair turned out to be.

Will was in heaven at the Wright Brothers Museum.

Jack is such a stud! Can you tell we were all sad to leave?


Dennis said...

Awesome post - looks like you had lots of fun.

Tanna said...

Look like enough fun to join us next year?! Hint, hint!