Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yet Another Creature.....

While I was talking on the phone with Grandma, Jack was trying desperately to get my attention. Since this is my big pet peeve (kids interrupting while on the phone), I gave him all of the hand signals to be quiet, wait until I am off the phone and take care of it on your own. He finally got the hint and took care of the business himself. The next thing I know, he is marching up the deck steps with a bug carrier in hand. Inside the bug carrier, was a very large lizard! That child took it upon himself to find the bug carrier (actually a hermit crab cage) and catch the lizard.

This lizard was different from the others that we have around the house. Most are blue and very quick. This one was quick, but brown and its skin looked like tree bark. I just can't believe that he caught the thing! Of course, he insisted on keeping it. He wanted to show it to Will and Emma. Then, he had to keep it long enough to show it to Daddy. Then, he had to show it to his friends at school. Then, he had to keep it long enough to show Ms. Nancy (his teacher) and her children how it eats a live cricket. The live crickets were compliments of our neighbor, Michael. He has a nice mom who allows a lizard in the house.

This kept dragging on, until finally, after two days, I convinced him that it would never live in our house and would eventually die. True to Jack's nature, he had an answer for that - bury it in the backyard when it dies!

I did talk him into letting him loose right where he was found. Believe it or not, that lizard took his time moving up the tree and away from Jack, the wild animal catcher!

After a little research, I discovered that it is an Eastern Fence lizard! Love Google!

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