Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Parvuli Dei

Father Michael, Will and Allan

Congratulations, Will! On Scout Sunday, February 7th, Will received his Parvuli Dei medal at church from Father Michael. This is an award received through Cub Scouts.

Will had several activities to complete with us (Allan and Tanna) at home. One of the activities was to make a banner which represents things for which he is thankful. Will drew a rough sketch of what he wanted his banner to look like. Things included on his banner were: his family, God, the Trinity, trees, the sun, ice cream and hamburgers. We printed a family picture on cloth and then Will sewed the cloth picture on his felt banner (using my sewing machine!). He cut the rest of the objects out of felt and glued them on. It turned out really nice!

After completing these activities, which were all faith-based, Will had an interview with our priest, Father Michael. He was then selected to read the intercessions at the Scout Sunday mass at Holy Family.

True to his nature, Will was not in the least nervous about reading in front of the congregation. Mom and Dad were nervous though! Just minutes before mass, Will was given the names of the people for whom the mass was offered - Tona Duarte and Giovanni Fontana! Lord knows it couldn't have been the Smith family! Nonetheless, he said them without hesitation or flaw. He and two other boys were then presented with their Parvuli Dei medals.
We are so proud of Will and this accomplishment!


John said...

Congrats to the Willster. I remember when I got my Parvuli Dei. I know it was a lot of work and very few people get it. If he liked it, I would highly recommend he work on his Pope Pius XII. Hope to see you guys soon!

Tanna said...

Thanks, John! Will really enjoyed working on it. His goal is to get all four religious medals and of course, his Eagle Scout. Will LOVES the scouts.

It's been a long time! Maybe we can work something out soon. These darn kids are just so demanding of our time! :)

Nana said...

Congratulations, Will!! I am very proud of you! You are a good scout in many,many ways. I wish I could've been there with the rest of your family to enjoy your special day. I am anxious to see your banner, it sounds like you put a lot of thought and work into it. I love you!!