Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funny Dinnertime Moments

Sometimes, there are family moments where EVERYONE just has to laugh. We've had several lately and I just had to share a couple of them.

The other night at the dinner table (where all great conversations occur), I was talking to the kids about how important they are to Allan and I and some other mushy stuff. I told them, "we created all of you....." and during my pause, Jack piped up just as serious as can be and said, "uh, that would be God. God actually created us."

Another night, Allan had a jar of olives that he was eating out of during dinner. On the jar was a picture of an Italian woman sitting on a stone wall, leaning back with her arm up high, reaching for an olive branch behind her. Great mental picture, huh?! Anyway, out of nowhere, Allan started asking each of us what we thought she was saying. Will- "I'm mad". Tanna - "Come and smell my armpits". Allan - "woo hoo these olives are good!". Next, was Emma's turn. She looked at it for some time and then without much emotion in her voice, says "raise the roof". We all just cracked up.

I'm sure reading about these moments don't really portray how funny the actual moment was, but I can say with certainty that we have fun at the dinner table. Dinner with my family, at home, is the highlight of my day. I hope that these moments, as insignificant as they may seem at the time, will instill the sense of family in our children. I am sure the day will come when we will be apart at dinnertime. But for now, these are the important and cherished moments of my days.

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Nana said...

Way to go Jack! you don't miss a trick, do you? I can just imagine your round table conversation--sure do miss you guys!!