Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Tears This Year!

No nervous anxiety, no tears, no racing around (I'm referring to me, of course). That was this morning. Emma was up by 6:15 taking out her curlers and the boys were right behind her. Poor Will didn't even get to try out his alarm clock that was set the night before. I guess that means that everyone, including me, was ready for the first day of school.
We had the traditional green eggs and ham for breakfast, packed lunches (leftover spaghetti for Emma and clam chowder for Will) and took the traditional First Day of School pictures with signs in hand!
I have to say though, Jack was none to happy to find out that it wasn't HIS first day of school. To ease his pain, I explained that he would have lots of alone time with me. He got a big grin and said that he was going to "kiss Daddy's woman all day!" Seriously, how can I send him to Kindergarten NEXT year?! I just don't see it happening - ever.
Now that they are home, I am happy to announce that everyone (Jack and I included) had a great day!
In case anyone is wondering, Jack and I spent the morning playing Polly Pockets (his request), reading Willy Wonka and kissing. We then headed out to a new fabric store that carries Amy Butler AND Heather Bailey goodies. I was so excited I almost giggled. I picked up a few things to start sewing again. Yeah!!!!!


Jacki said...

Emma, your hair is so beautiful in those curls! I'm so glad you guys had such a great first day of school. It must have been the green eggs and ham!

Tanna said...

Thanks for the curl compliments! I've been meaning to blog about it. She wants me to wrap her hair in "curlers" every night after a bath so she can have curls in the morning. She just cracks me up with them!

Sonya said...

The hair does look great! Sounds like a great first day of school for everyone!

nana said...

Looks like everyone was ready to get back to Shady Grove for another year of fun and learning!! Love the curls, Emma Grace!