Thursday, May 28, 2009

Easter 2009

Trying to play catch up........
Easter was especially beautiful this year.  I don't know why.  Maybe it was because Will was making his First Communion and we were more "involved" in the preparations. Maybe it was because I was teaching Faith Formation and I was more involved in the the spiritual meaning. Maybe the mass was more meaningful this year.  Whatever the reason, it was just a beautiful day in all aspects of the word. 
Jack participated in an egg hunt at school, we decorated eggs for the bunny to hide and we were up at the crack of dawn thanks to Jack to find everything that the bunny had hid for us.  Jack actually woke up around 5:30 or so to go to the bathroom.  He came downstairs and woke up Allan for assistance.  Allan told him to go right back up to bed.  On his way up, he discovered that the bunny had left jellybeans on the steps leading up to their rooms.  He brought one to Allan and asked him what it was. Allan explained that it was a jellybean left by the bunny.  He instructed him to go back to bed and not to wake up his brother and sister.  Jack said OK and quietly proceeded up the steps.  When he reached the top, we could hear him yell "Will and Emma, the Easter Bunny came!".  It was all over from that point on. Cameras ready! The hunt was on! 
We spent the day eating candy, going to church, eating candy, visiting wonderful friends for an egg hunt and wine, eating more candy and then finally hitting the bed only to lie awake due to a sugar buzz.  It was a beautiful day! 

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