Saturday, March 28, 2009

Help arrives!

Hallway looking into the bedroom
From the play room, looking into the bathroom
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Taken inside the play room toward the back of the room at the storage closet

Wah hoo!  Five big and burly men arrived late Thursday night to help us with the basement project.  Allan's brothers, Dennis, Terry and Jeff and nephews, Eric (E-rock) and Keith (K man) got here at midnight.  After enjoying a BIG bottle of "Old Bastard" beer that they made for Allan's birthday, they hit the beds for a short sleep before getting to work the next morning. 

They split up into teams of two and worked off a punch list to get a few things done before starting to hang the drywall. They finished most of the ceiling on Friday before hanging up their drills.  Everyone was back at it early Saturday morning!  They finished hanging the ceiling just a couple of hours after the drywall lift was due back at Home Depot.  Are they awesome or what?! Truth be told, they are blaming it on me, saying that I was cracking the whip to get it done by the return time.  Does anyone REALLY think I have any influence over these guys?!   

After lunch on Saturday, they really rocked and hung the drywall on all of the walls and mudded most of the walls.  There are a couple of closets that still need drywall, but wow!  I just can't say enough about these guys!  They do tend to chatter a lot, but in the end, they get a LOT done and they do a great job.  Since I am being a bit sappy, I have to add that it is really an incredible sight to see so many brothers (and their sons) working together and having a great time doing it.  My appreciation and admiration cannot be put into words right now. Not only do I have an awesome husband, but he comes from a great family!

The above pictures are from BEFORE the weekend started.  Next, check out the AFTER pictures.......


Jacki said...

Excellent! I know John really wished he could have been there to help out, but sounds like it's going great. Gotta love those guys and their home improvement talents!

Tanna said...

S men are the best men! It was a lot of fun being with all of them and they got a ton of work done, for which we are extremely grateful. Tell Jonner the job isn't done yet and we won't turn him away if he wants to help out when he gets home. :)

Sonya said...

It already looks more finished than the last time we saw it! Can't wait to see the finished product!