Friday, July 25, 2008

No More Tonsils!

Well, everyone, the tonsils are gone. And so are the adenoids! Will bravely went to the hospital first thing, Wednesday morning to have his tonsils removed. He was in great spirits the whole time. We waited for a short time before going to pre-op where they gave all of us id bracelets and asked lots of questions. All of the prep work took about an hour. He was finally visited by a couple of nurses from anesthesia. They asked Will if he had any questions. Of course, he did! He wanted to know if he could see his tonsils after they were out. The nurse said that she had never had this request, but would certainly show them to him before they were carried off to pathology. She then explained that they would be taking him to the operating room where there were all kinds of cool equipment, like a machine that squeezed his muscles. Without missing a beat, Will asked her if she had tickets. Needless to say, she was quite confused by this question. She just replied "no, to what?". Will said, "to the gun show!" and flexed his muscles for her. That created quite a bit of laughter from everyone. Leave it to Will to get everyone laughing before surgery!
After that, they wheeled him away and Allan and I went to get some coffee. We had no sooner sat back down in the waiting room and turned on the computer when we were paged to the consultation room. Will was done! Talk about quick! The doctor came and told us that he had taken out both the tonsils and the adenoids due to their size. Will was doing well and would be transported to a room shortly.
The rest was pretty uneventful. When Will got up to his room they had him drink a cup of apple juice and asked that he go to the bathroom. He was rather concerned with the IV in his wrist and kept asking when it could come out. He also was not fond of the oxygen monitor that they had clipped to his toe. :) It didn't take long and Will fell asleep. To pass the time, Allan and I watched "Seven Years in Tibet" on Netflix via the hospital's WiFi. Pretty nice!
For some reason, the nurse just didn't want Will to go home. Rather than staying for the recommended 90 minutes, she had us there for 5 hours after the surgery! We were getting a little restless and impatient at that point - not to mention hungry! She finally did release us and we went home to some very concerned siblings. To our dismay, Will never did ask for pain medication his first day home and even ate an egg for dinner.
Since Wednesday, he has not slept much, but has had some pain. We've had to give him some codeine, but he really hasn't complained much. I have to say, he really isn't Will yet. He isn't eating anything and he talks as little as possible. I didn't think there was ANYTHING that would stop Will from talking. I guess this is it!
We are now hopeful that Will's sleeping and breathing problems are over. So far, so good. We are SO proud of Will and his brave attitude. He is an incredible little guy.
Will chillin' out after the surgery
Will enjoying his first cup of ice cream after surgery. Notice, his friend, Bananas beside him.
Mom gives lots of love before the surgery. I had to wear Will's sweatshirt because it was so cold in the hospital!
Will gives his wink of braveness before the surgery. As always, he was calm and happy.


Jacki said...

The GUN Show!! Too funny. John was thrilled to see that Will is pulling that joke out at the most appropriate times. :)

Tanna said...

Will's a funny kid, even in a hospital.
I am still freaked out by the not talking part - highly unusual.

Sonya said...

Wow...what a brave kid! I don't think that I would have handled it that well!

Nana said...

I am very proud of how well Will did,however, I am more than ready for him to start eatting AND talking more. I want the OLD Will back!!!

Nana said...

I am very proud of how well Will did,however I am more than ready for him to start eatting AND talking more. I want the OLD Will back!!!